Mr. sandless

Mr. Sandless Floor Refinishing

$25,000 Capital Required

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Mr. Sandless is the #1 wood floor refinisher in the world! We now have franchises available in 5 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Mr. Sandless offers a revolutionary way to refinish wood floors, with no downtime or odor, nothing to clean up, and outstanding results. It is no wonder we dominate every market we are in!


Our Mr. Sandless System can refinish just about any floor in the market place. This includes wood floors of every variety, from real wood, to VCT, linoleum and even concrete and slate. No other company but Mr. Sandless can refinish laminate flooring. We can even add color to a laminate floor!



At Mr. Sandless, We Offer Our Clients Exceptional Value!

  • Excellent Results!
  • Quick Service—complete in hours not days!
  • No Odor or Cleanup!
  • Completely Green Certified!
  • The best warranty in the business!

We're sure you've heard the saying, "build a better mouse trap" We've done that. People are searching for a better way to fulfill their wood floor needs. We offer that "better way" here at Mr. Sandless and invite you to join us!



Our Model For You Includes:

  • Large Exclusive Territories
  • An Easy to Learn System: We can teach this system to anyone!
  • Home Based with Low Overhead
  • Extensive Training and Support: Support and Training that is second to none!
  • Aggressive Advertising and Branding: Customized television commercials, company branding, and aggressive Internet campaigns yield impressive results.



Why Mr. Sandless Stands Alone!

We are the only wood floor refinishing company that has its own brand of finish, which cures in just one hour! We seal each floor we service in just hours where others can't. Our floors look better, last longer, but best of all, the client can walk right on their floors, lay down their area rugs, and move their furniture right back in! No other company can boast these impressive features.

You've got to see why our clients cry, hug us, jump up and down, scream out, pat us on the back, and tip us all the time! There is a great pride that comes with a specialty service such as ours and you can share in the excitement of it all!

Are you organized, have some business experience or floor experience? We are looking for owners who are not afraid to roll their sleeves up and jump into the mix if they need to. If this is you, don't hesitate to look into Mr. Sandless completely.

Don't miss this great opportunity in your area before it sells out. Please fill out the Request form above and one of our franchise representatives will contact you shortly. We respond to all applicants fast! Thank you!


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